Across 2008-2012

ACROSS, 2008
Across marks a transition “across”. This “across” is an imaginary place of transcendence where everything can happen: exculpation, opportunity to make amends, freedom.

Two works from the Art action Indoors, 2008
Skylight & From the series Across

ACROSS 1, The Stole, 2009
Two stages of life, youth and old age, are experienced in parallel by a woman, having something in common: a beautiful but strange stole.

The video The Mirror shows a woman at four different ages: young, old, middle-aged and breastfeeding mother. All four are draped with a strange shawl made of gold-coloured wire. The women are standing in a mood of self-awareness, awaiting to be rid of the patterns that hold them in and redefining themselves as a unified and cohesive entity.

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